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President and Co-Founder

As President and Co-Founder of ecfirst, the HIPAA Academy™, Allen Nguyen is responsible for day-to-day operations of the company and the delivery of quality technical solutions to customers. Mr. Allen Nguyen was introduced to the Internet in 1989, and quickly recognized it as the communication medium of the future. He has accrued over 15 years of intensive experience and has become an expert in Internet-enabling technology.

Prior to co-founding ecfirst, Mr. Allen Nguyen spent a number of years consulting for several large corporations. As a consultant, he recognized the advantages that the vast amount of technical resources the Internet can offer to a company’s research and development efforts and introduced the Internet into the development environment of several large organizations. Then in 1995, expecting to see a profound impact in the commercial arena as well, Mr. Allen Nguyen co-founded ABC Virtual Communications, Inc. with the focus of helping companies to understand, embrace and implement Internet technology. With his help, the company grew from three to 60-plus employees in less than three years. During that time, he also helped build the company’s technical infrastructure, led several enterprise-wide web development efforts, and was instrumental in developing and directing product development.

Some of Mr. Allen Nguyen’s technical achievements include the successful porting of Sun Microsystem JVM. He was a member of a two-man team that accomplished a pioneering effort in porting the Java Virtual Machine to a real-time, embedded operating system. His Java expertise also led him to design and implement the first 100% Java Applet application to automate the processing of forms from a web browser. Sun Microsystems, the inventor of Java, eventually licensed it for its own usage. At the HIPAA Academy™ his focus has been on EDI solutions and the delivery of a web based risk analysis tool known as bizSHIELDtm On-Line. This tool allows for a quick and low cost method for small organizations to determine the risk within their office as dictated by the HIPAA legislation. Written in Java, this tool is both flexible and secure for the end user and system administrators. Born in Vietnam and raised in Iowa, Mr. Allen Nguyen holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Iowa.