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Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP)
2-day HIPAA Training &
CHP Program


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Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP)
2-day HIPAA Training Program
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Why sign up with CHP?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is about insurance portability, fraud, and administrative simplification. In this HIPAA training boot camp we examine basics of the Administrative Simplification portion of the HIPAA legislation. We examine HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets, Identifiers, Privacy and Security. It is this provision of the HIPAA regulation that is the watershed legislation for healthcare information systems.

This HIPAA provision is resulting in substantial changes in business development processes, policies and procedures for all covered entities – providers (hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies), clearinghouses and payers.

Learning Objectives

This Certified HIPAA Professional certification training helps you better understand HIPAA’s Administrative Simplification Act as well as how to create a framework for initiating and working towards a blueprint for HIPAA compliance.

From this course you will learn the following about HIPAA
  1. Understand why HIPAA requirements will cause significant changes in policies, procedures and processes within the organization in the handling of patient records.
  2. Examine how implementing HIPAA will affect the way healthcare entities organize and staff to achieve and monitor compliance with patient privacy/confidentiality needs.
  3. Step through qualifications and positioning strategies for a Privacy Officer and requirements for a Information Security Officer.
  4. Learn why HIPAA compliance is better focused as a business issue than as an IT issue, although IT will play a major role in implementing compliant systems.
  5. Review specific requirements and implementation features within each security category.

Step through how to plan and prepare for HIPAA compliance. HIPAA is about awareness first, assessment second and finally action focused on gaps identified.

Explore the CHP Program

Why CHP?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is about insurance portability, fraud, and administrative simplification. In this HIPAA training boot camp we examine basics of the Administrative Simplification portion of the HIPAA legislation. We examine HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets, Identifiers, Privacy and Security. It is this provision of the HIPAA regulation that is the watershed legislation for healthcare information systems.

This HIPAA provision is resulting in substantial changes in business development processes, policies and procedures for all covered entities – providers (hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies), clearinghouses and payers.

Learning Objectives

This Certified HIPAA Professional certification training helps you better understand HIPAA’s Administrative Simplification Act as well as how to create a framework for initiating and working towards a blueprint for HIPAA compliance.

From this course you will learn the following about HIPAA:

  1.  Understand why HIPAA requirements will cause significant changes in policies, procedures and processes within the organization in the  handling of patient records.
  2.  Examine how implementing HIPAA will affect the way healthcare entities organize and staff to achieve and monitor compliance with patient  privacy/confidentiality needs
  3.  Step through qualifications and positioning strategies for a Privacy Officer and requirements for a Information Security Officer.
  4.  Learn why HIPAA compliance is better focused as a business issue than as an IT issue, although IT will play a major role in implementing compliant systems.
  5.  Review specific requirements and implementation features within each security category.

Step through how to plan and prepare for HIPAA compliance. HIPAA is about awareness first, assessment second and finally action focused on gaps identified.

Target Audience

The focus of the program is to better understand the implications of HIPAA legislation and identify crucial compliance requirements for your business.

The program is designed to focus on specific aspects of the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Title II. It addresses HIPAA requirements in the areas of Transactions, Privacy and Security. It is strongly recommended that all key members of the enterprise HIPAA team attend this two-day boot camp so that a common body of HIPAA knowledge may be established. This will provide the base line to launch HIPAA implementation initiatives.

The complete two-day Certified HIPAA Professional training class program is ideal for;

  • Healthcare Executives
  • Senior Clinicians
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Lawyers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Privacy and Security Officials
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Managers
  • Insurance Executives
  • Physicians and Office Managers
  • Pharmaceutical Company Executives
  • Clinical Trial Organization Professionals.

CHP Exam

The Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) exam is administered online through the HIPAA Certification Online and can be taken 24 hours a day, worldwide.

To register for the exam please visit our Resource Center

The testing fee of $495 can be made with a credit card via a secure Web page.

Exam Grid

Exam Name Number of Questions Time Allowed Passing Score
CHP 60 60 Minutes 75%
Distribution of Questions

The Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) Exam is based on 4 Areas. The percentages of each domain in the exam are defined in the following Table

Examination Areas Percentage of Exam
1.0 – HIPAA Administrative Simplification Overview 28%
2.0 – HIPAA Privacy 22%
3.0 – HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets 20%
4.0 – HIPAA Security 30%
Total 100%

Important Note: All Percentages are Approximate and Subject to Change at any time.

Exam Fees

The Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) exam fee is $495. Exam fees are not included in training costs.

Exam Retake Policy

If the candidate does not pass the CHP certification examination, he or she may register to take the certification examination online for $395.

Certification Renewal

Current CHP’s must recertify once every three years. Recertification process fee is $495.
Please contact John T. Schelewitz at +1.480.663.3225 to register for the recertification process.

Course Outline

Book used: Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP)

Module 1: HIPAA at a Glance

  • Estimated Implementation Costs
  • Compliance Updates – HITECH Act
  • Do The HIPAA Rules Apply To Me?
  • Business Associate Test
  • If I’m a Covered Entity or Business Associate – What Do I Do?
  • What penalties are there for violations with HITECH Act Changes?
  • Should Business Associates Fear Penalties?
  • What if State Laws Conflict?
  • How do the Privacy and Security Acts Differ?
  • What Are the Implementation Deadlines?

Module 2: What is the Privacy Rule

  • Using and Disclosing PHI?
  • Patient Rights
  • Forms, Forms, Forms
  • Notice of Privacy Practice
  • Unique Release Situations
  • Who Are Non-Business Associate Organizations?
  • Employers – What Role Is This Anyway?
  • Government Access to PHI
  • Minimum Necessary Standard
  • Privacy – Can We Talk?
  • Arranging the Office
  • Must I Document and Provide Patient Access to Oral PHI?
  • Are Co-Workers Protected?

Module 3: What are Transactions and Code Sets?

  • Diagnostic and Procedure Codes
  • Physician’s Office Codes
  • Dental Codes
  • Drug Codes
  • Other Services
  • ANSI ASC X12N Standards – Huh?
  • Are Pharmacy Transactions the Same?
  • NPI, EIN, NPlanID, and NHI…Oh, my!
  • NPI Enumerator (NPI)
  • National Provider System (NPS)
  • Applying for an NPI
  • EIN aka NEI aka EIN
  • National Health Plan Identifier (NPlanID)
  • National Health Identifier for Individuals (NHI) (Suspended)

Module 4: What is the Security Rule?

  • Defining Security
  • Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA)
  • Definition and Terminology
  • Approach and philosophy
  • Security Rule Selection Criteria
  • Administrative Safeguards
  • Physical Safeguards
  • Technical Safeguards
  • Group Health Plans
  • Policies, Procedures and Documentation Requirements
  • Some Non-Technical Explanations of Technical Solutions

Recognition for Other Security Certifications Earned

This is an excellent two- day program for professionals like Healthcare Executives, Senior Clinicians, Chief Information Officers, Lawyers, Compliance Officers, Privacy and Security Officials, Quality Assurance and Risk Managers, Insurance Executives, Physicians and Office Managers, Pharmaceutical Company Executives, and Clinical Trial Organization Professionals. These compliance requirements directly impact the security priorities and initiatives across all types of organizations and business.

Exam Fee

The Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) exam fee is $495. Exam fees are not included in training costs.

Requirements for Maintaining CHP Certification

CHP must comply with the following requirements to retain certification:

  • The CHP certification is valid for three-years. Recertification costs $495 and you will get an updated copy of the CHP manual and a new certificate. If you do not renew your certification within the three year period you will be required to retake the CHP exam and pay $495.

Revocation of the Certification

ecfirst may, at its discretion after due and thorough consideration, revoke an individual’s CHP certification for any of the following reasons:

  • Falsifying or deliberately failing to provide relevant information. Intentionally misstating a material fact.
  • Intentionally misstating a material fact.
  • Engaging or assisting others in dishonest, unauthorized or inappropriate behavior at any time in connection with the CHP exam or the certification process.

Training Options

The CHP Program can be delivered at any location world-wide. To schedule the CHP Program at your site, please contact ecfirst at +1. 480.663.3225 or

Onsite Training

Bring ecfirst training, certification and executive briefs to your site. ecfirst will customize the session to meet your specific requirements and time frames.

Reference Materials


ecfirst is passionate about developing and validating information security compliance knowledge. ecfirst, in business since 1999, was recognized as an Inc. 500 fastest growing privately held business in the United States in its first year of eligibility. ecfirst is an organization with deep hands-on experience in compliance and IT services.

ecfirst serves a Who’s Who client list of over 2,000 that includes Principal Financial, numerous hospitals including Edward, Sherman, Condell, BSA, Mercy, Northwest Community, Samaritan and many others. State and county governments that have been trained by ecfirst include the State of Oregon, Iowa, and Illinois. U.S. government agencies that have participated in ecfirst programs include the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Air Force, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, Coast Guard and several others.


This document is a guide to those pursuing the CHP certification. No representations or warranties are made by ecfirst that the use of this guide or any other associate publication will assure candidates of passing the CHP exam.


Copyright © 2006-2017 by ecfirst. Reproduction or storage in any form for any purpose is not provided without prior written permission from ecfirst. No other right or permission is granted with respect to this work. All rights reserved.

Contact Information

295 NE Venture Drive
Waukee, IA 50263, United States
Toll Free: +1.877.899.9974 x23
Cell: +1.480.663.3225

Meet the CHP Program Instructor

Lorna Waggoner : Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) Instructor


Lorna Waggoner is an expert in HIPAA having taught this course since the year 2000. Lorna has delivered HIPAA requirement customized education to audiences that have included the States of Oregon, Iowa, Utah and Colorado, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Microsoft, Ernst and Young, Cerner, The Joint Commission and various healthcare providers or Business Associates not only in the United States but globally.

Lorna has been called an exceptional speaker that engages every audience. Her past experience includes 14 years in the telecommunications industry, owning a training franchise with her husband, teaching technical and computer related courses and raising a family.

As the Director of Business Development for ecfirst, home of the HIPAA Academy™ she has been instrumental in developing and delivering the Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) program and consulting with clients to recommend services that fits their needs, requirements and budgets.

CHP Testimonials

"The small class size was good for open discussion and Lorna was very inviting of questions and clarification."
Russ McGuire
Cerner Corporation

"Lorna is an awesome trainer and her depth of knowledge provides practical solutions to difficult requirements."
Nita Bowers
The Training Place

"Great instructor for material."
Cory Simmons
Wheelhouse IT

"Was a very thorough class and the instructor was great. I would recommend to anyone in the industry to take."
Ryan Hockenga
Wheelhouse IT

"Very professional and enthusiastic."
Melvin Ostlie
Community Hospital Connection

"Course was a very good balance between topics covered and conciseness. Learned everything about HIPAA that I was hoping for!"
David Delarosa

"Excellend presentation, quite informative & engaging."
Kim Tendrich
FL Dept of Health

"Instructor is very knowledgeable. Kept the class interesting, provided scenarios to better explain topics and materials. Great course!"
Cecilia Lorenzo
Clini Sanitas

"Lorna Waggoner's breadth of knowledge is truly impressive. She shined the light in the darkness to bring understanding!"
Elizabeth Brown
CTSI Outsourcing

"Lorna has been great throughout the process. I look forward to future courses."
Enrique Sanchez
Guidewell Sanitas

"Enjoyed learning more about HIPAA with Lorna."
George Bessenyei

"Very knowledgeable and helpful in answering questions and making the material relate to real life scenarios."
Stacey Wieland

"I know a whole lot more about HIPAA than before I started. Immensely useful!"
San Jose Public Class

"Love training with Lorna!"
Tracy Nyre
SCL Health

"Lorna rocks! I enjoyed the class, her energy, her knowledge."
Anil Pillai
Healthlucid, Inc.

"I found the course to be very informative."
Karissa Cinelli
Northwell Health

"Lorna is great personality wise and made for an entertaining, yet informative instructor. Open to all questions."
Daniel Manalo
Nortwell Health

“Excellent, well-taught and lively course.”
Joseph Bryan Henderson
BrightOutcome, Inc.

“Great course. This course will help provide the knowledge and authority needed to better assist my organization.”
Joshua Grantham
Solera Health

“Overall the course was well done. Lorna is very knowledgeable.”
Justin Graves

“This was one of the most educational classes I’ve ever attended. Very impressed.”
Mark Slivka
Edwards Business Systems

“Lorna was extremely knowledgeable about the HIPAA material. Great stories and examples to better understand the material.”
Debra Furia

“This was a great class. I am now ready to go back to my agency and help implement our compliance with all things HIPAA!”
Rita Pauley
AAA7, Inc.

“Lorna was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and an excellent instructor.”
Greg Stephens
Prime Healthcare

“A lot of information but Lorna keeps your attention.”
Vanessa Martinez

“Lorna is a very good instructor. She has a very unique way of teaching, which helps very much and make it easy to grasp and retain all information that I learned from the class.”

“Thank you for a great and interactive session.”
Saad Thara
Garden Grove Hospital

“Thank you for all the information. You made the lecture very interesting.”
Deepthi Mopathi
Prime Healthcare

“Amazing course. I learned a lot and can’t wait to get my knowledge out there and use it on my job."
Anthony Urquieta
Chino Valley Medical Center

“Great, informative class. Very educated speaker.”
Niel Dalal
Prime Healthcare

“I must admit that I was told earlier that this was going to be a great experience and they were right! Excellent teaching skills. Organized course structure.”
Sminil Mahajan
Prime Healthcare

“The class was very active and practical to the subject. Lorna always has a great attitude and always is able to help with any questions and set backs.”
Diego Contreras Bueno
Prime Healthcare

“Very informative and enjoyable lecture. Thank you!”
Swapna Dwarsala

“As the Privacy Officer at my hospital, these classes help me do a better job. HIPAA is always changing and we need to keep up with the changes to safeguard our patient’s PHI.”
Mary Rogers
Prime Healthcare

“Lorna and ecfirst have been a great partner to the Prime security effort.”
Robert Gates
Prime Healthcare

“Very nicely explained, superb knowledge base of instructor.”
Vykram Dhillon
Prime Healthcare

“This being my first time, it’s a world of information and I appreciate all I’ve learned.”
Nana Manu
Monroe Hospital

“Lorna is a great instructor. She explains the material well. I feel like she has taught me a ton within these two days.”
Heather Burke

“Lorna takes a hard subject and makes learning about HIPAA fun & exciting. Her passion for HIPAA shines through her presentation. Very informative and easy to learn.”
Marishia Phillips
Pathways Human Services

“Lorna was able to break down complex material into easy to understand content.”
Stephanie Kurtz

“Lorna was great and kept my interest throughout the entire course.”

“Great insight on HIPAA having attended the program conducted by Ali Pabrai. The session were lively with rich sharing of experience by Ali who is a master in this field. I highly recommend this course to all of those involved in this field. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of Instructor: 10.”
Ashok Kumar Vootla

“Ali has an exceptionally great energy level. Amazing Instructor with great knowledge. Keep smiling Ali. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of Instructor: 10.”
Keeli Abhishek
Primera Medical Technology

“Good course for candidate to have knowledge on HIPAA. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of Instructor: 10.”
Vamsi Krishna. T
Primera Medical Technology

“Thank You Pabrai. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of Instructor: 10.”
G.Sri Mallikarjuana
Primera Medical Technology

“Uday Ali Pabrai, the “BADSHAH” of HIPAA, is an institution in himself. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of Instructor: 10.”
Masthan Shaik
Primera Medical Technology

“Great content, lot of information, good instructor.”
Phillip Walsh
Brighter Inc.

“Great course. I now have a better understanding on HIPAA.”

“Great training.”

“Great course! Lots of information that can be immediately put to use!”

“Lorna is in a class of her own. She is absolutely the best possible instructor for a very tough subject matter.”
Stephen Stewart

“Great Instructor! Lively and engaging.”
D’Angelo Bailey
UI HealthCare

“Great class. You made it easy to understand.”
Sherry Lampe
Stewart Memorial Community Hospital

“Lorna was not only extremely informative, but made this all very fun and entertaining.”
Don Hiller

“Fantastic course. Wonderful instructor. Thoroughly described. Highly recommended.”
Mark Miles

“Wonderful class; wish more department managers attended. Should be a requirement.”
Amy Hanchey

“Lorna makes the course fun. She teaches in a fashion that makes HIPAA easily understood.”
Sheila Asson

“Wonderful, person-centered instructor.”
Alexis Harris
Family Preservation, DC

“Lorna was fabulous! She made the day go quickly and kept me interested the entire course.”
Marishia Phillips

“Class was very helpful. It made me think of lots of ideas and questions to take back to my office.”
Angelica Vidro
Pathways of Delaware

“I enjoyed the examples of incidents.”
Tyler Reese

“Enjoyed the class and instructor. The content was easy to follow.”
Anotnio Teixeira

“I really enjoyed Lorna teaching the CHP course this week. I felt she delivered value in her multiple real-life examples and through the ecfirst content.”

“Love the way I’ve been informed of the best practices in the healthcare industry right at the start of my career.”
Ronak Thaker

“A lot of material being covered but it was done very professionally.”
Shami Brar

“Although an accelerated course, Lorna was very detailed and her presentation and speaking really helped me absorb all the information needed.”
Adam Romo

“Lorna did a great job making the tedious federal rules and legislation understandable and entertaining to keep the class engaged.”
Dan Schmidt

“Lorna did a great job keeping everyone engaged and kept it fun.”

“I’ve been through the course before and it was still very informative.”
David Cunliffe
Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

“Great, organized approach to this training. Good real world examples.”
Blythe Logan
Konica Minolta

“Excellent and informative class. Instructor held our interest and kept the class moving.”
Kathy Garza

“Without a doubt this will help when discussing HIPAA with my clients.”
Dunca Wierengo
Konica Minolta

“Excellent information, excellent organization, can’t wait to discuss with out customers. Would consider making this mandatory training for all of our healthcare sales reps.”
Tracy Wood

“Lorna was both entertaining and informative. Enjoyed the class very much!”
Ron Otis

“One of the best and most thorough classes I have attended.”
Brian McCarthy
Norton Healthcare

“Lorna was a great instructor. Her way of teaching was really impressive and it will help me and other participants of the class to function under the guidelines. Class was really beneficial.”
Prabhu Bollu
St. Rose Hospital

“The delivery of the course was very interesting and engaging.”
Himanshu Handa
St. Rose Hospital

“I feel that I now have a better understanding of the legal requirements surrounding HIPAA.”
Benjamin Worden
St. Rose Hospital

“Instructor’s presentation style was great and she gave examples, stories and talked about personal experience. It was very interactive and the summarizing at the end of the modules were very helpful.”
St. Rose Hospital

“Great content and a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor. ”
Kaiser Permanente Student

“Lorna was a phenomenal instructor with a wealth of knowledge imparted to the class. ”
Andrew Gallup
Kaiser Permanente

“Great job, Lorna! The stories to go along with the information really helped see everything in real world scenarios. ”
Danielle Pei
Kaiser Permanente

“Enjoyed the class! ”
Kaiser Permanente Student

“Wonderful class, good pace, great instructor. Highly recommended! ”
Nadeem Masson
Kaiser Permanente

“Great Course, I would highly recommend to anyone needing a deep dive of regulations. Lorna is a terrific instructor and makes the topic engaging and fun. ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Strong class. Instructor did a good job of going over the material and make to learn. ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Thanks Lorna! ”
Ryan Heckman

“Definitely glad I took the live class as oppose to the on-line version. Kept class entertaining. ”
Maraj Kidwai
Prime Healthcare Service Inc.

“Great refresher on a topic that doesn’t really change much, but brings to light deficiencies and where improvements are needed. ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Good course. Very informative! ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Everything was great but I wish we could take the test on 3rd day instead of the end of day 2. This does not give us enough time to study information from the second day of training. ”
Natalie Lonergne
The Delta Pathology Group

“Excellent class! ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Lorna was well prepared and delivered the material with enthusiasm and energy. Well done! ”
Joe Pisna
Konica Minocta

“Excellent course! ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Some of the security standards and implementations are very gray regarding real world scenarios. ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Great course for a person new to CHP/HIPAA ”
Christopher Nash
Highland Clinic

“The class was great, very informative. ”
Becky Dunn
Clinics of North Texas

“Thank you for an excellent class. ”
Sue Birck
Country of Riverside

“I enjoyed the examples given to better explain the information. ”
Kristi Thibockaux
Schumacher group

“I would recommend this class to anyone trying to understand HIPAA! All my clients could use this understanding! ”
Mary Bradbury
Affiliated Resource Group

“Great course. I would highly recommend to anyone needing a deep dive of regulations. Lorna is a terrific instructor and makes the topic engaging and fun. ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Strong class. Instructor did a good job of going over the material and make it easy to learn. ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Definitely glad I took the live class as opposed to the online version. Kept class entertaining. ”
Maraj Kidwai
Prime Healthcare Services, Inc.

“Great refresher on a topic that doesn’t really change much, but brings to light deficiencies and where improvements are needed. ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Good course. Very informative! ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Excellent Class! ”
Dallas Public Class Attendee

“Lorna was well prepared and delivered the material with enthusiasm and energy. Well done! ”
Joe Cisna
Konica Minolta

“Great course for a person new to CHP/HIPAA. ”
Christopher Nash
Highland Clinic

“The class was great, very informative. ”
Becky Dunn
Clinics of North Texas

“Thank you for an excellent class. ”
Sue Birch
County of Riverside

“I enjoyed the examples given to better explain the information. ”
Kristi Thibodeaux
Schumacher Group

“I would recommend this class to anyone trying to understand HIPAA! All my clients could use this understanding! ”
Mary Bradbury

“Documents provided include complete overview of regulatory requirements. ”
Mary Hyland
The SSI Group, Inc.

“Lorna was an excellent instructor and very enthusiastic during the class. She was able to relate the subject through stories and give clear instruction on HIPAA requirements. ”
Cnalice Beam
The SSI Group, Inc.

“Knowledgeable & pleasant instructor. ”
Glen Fielder
The SSI Group, Inc.

“I have enjoyed this course, and I feel that this will help me to better understand what HIPAA will require of me. ”
Alan Cook
The SSI Group, Inc.

“The CHP class was overall great value, but in particular, Lorna’s presentation style and high level of organization allow her to be comfortable and casual with her students. When combining this with her efficacious use of mnemonic devices, ecfirst delivers a powerful service. ”
John Ware
HCA Healthcare

“I have always enjoyed all the ecfirst webinars I’ve attended as well as the CHP and CSCSTM classes. The webinars are very informative and relevant, and Ali’s presentation style gets people fired up! The CHP and CSCSTM classes are very comprehensive – a lot of information in a short time, but well presented by Lorna and Ali. Both classes provided me with information that is useful, helpful and very pertinent. ”
Rose Marie Prince, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM, CHP, CSCS
IT Service Delivery Process & Quality Analyst
Presbyterian Healthcare Services

“This training has been an eye opener and I think more policy makers should be included in this training. ”
Abass Suleymana
National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Ghana

“A truly insightful cause and the sure way forward for better care in Ghana and everywhere else to guarantee privacy and confidentiality for patients.
I would recommend it as a “must-attend” for all healthcare professionals. ”
Iddrisu A. Tanko
National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Ghana

“The whole program and training was educational.”
Issa Shiraz
National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Ghana

“I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of HIPAA.”
Craig Devashrayee
Paralegal, Utah Department of Health

“For very difficult material, very dry administration and implementation of critically required materials, Lorna brought the information to life with practical examples.”
Sheila Walsh-McDonald
Breach Ombudsman, Utah Department of Health

“Great Instructor! Strong knowledge-based program. Well laid out.”
Labette Health

“Lorna did an outstanding job presenting the content, not only to prepare for the exam but more importantly assuring that her students gained a solid understanding of HIPAA. I felt I walked away with the foundational knowledge required to support Missouri Health Connection and Missourians in building a private and secure Health Information Exchange Network in the state of Missouri. ”
Ragan Sappington
Missouri Health Connection

“I have been there on my own because I want to grow as a professional and I wasn’t to do the best in my job as a compliance officer. The first day I was terrified because the course was in English and I am in Puerto Rico. I’m so thankful to Ms. Waggoner because she was so helpful – I understand all that she said (great jokes and great examples). ”
Computer Security and Privacy Officer
Health Plan Business Operations
Kaiser Permanente Information Technology

“I felt the course was very beneficial to my career goals and in preparing for the exam. Lorna was a wonderful instructor who was able to guide the beginners and the experienced HIPAA attendees through the material at the same level. I would recommend the course to help ensure a broad understanding of the HIPAA regulation.”
Terri Thompson
University of Kansas Physicians

“This class is great for preparing for the exam. I found it to be very clear and easy to understand. Lorna did a wonderful job!”
Annette Ternes

“Lorna did a fantastic job in presenting the course material. A tremendous amount of material was covered over the two-day class period and the class material segmentation helped in the learning process.”


“Great class, needed the refresher.”

“Very good course; very informative and relevant.”
Trace Ridpath
State of Colorado

“Lorna Waggoner, the instructor, kept this course very interesting and all of us on the tip of our toes/edge of our seats. Enjoyed the course and all the information”
Dayton Green

“Great Instructor!”
Mari Mann-Silva
Diligen Technologies

“This was the most enjoyable course I’ve ever attended concerning a subject as potentially dry as HIPAA. Well done – Lorna was great!”

P. Mowry

“I’m very happy to have been here learning all the HIPAA rules and knowledge that will help me to better serve my patients and avoid errors of being compliant.”

Guillermo Cruz Palomo
Consultoria Medico (PR)

“Lorna is a really good professional and teacher. I learned in two days more than in 6 years working with HIPAA regulations in my old work place.”
Mari C Padilla

“Thank you! Great class.”
Ann Ahumada
Kaiser Permanente

“Great class.”
David Beasley

“This class gave me a better understanding of what HIPAA is.”

“I thought the class was very informative and the instructor was excellent; both knowledgeable and engaging.”

“Great information taught by a wonderful instructor.”

“I’m the President of a small Healthcare IT consulting firm, and I am the second of our staff to attend an ecfirst HIPAA training course. In my opinion the course was well organized, well presented, and a wealth of information was provided for all of the students to learn. The instructor, Lorna Waggoner, was passionate about the topic, and was able to bring the material to life with her many personal anecdotes and experience. The materials provided were well written, accurate, and easy to read, which helped translate dry Federal Law into usable material. The venue was perfect for the course, easy to get to, had free WiFi, and excellent lunch food was provided. I would recommend this course and ecfirst to anyone seeking to gain more knowledge and expertise about HIPAA legislation. It was a very pleasant experience.”
Evan Corstorphine
The Portable CIO

“The CHP course was a well condensed course with excellent delivery of the needed regulations for my staff to be able to talk the talk and know how to walk the walk on their own. The instructor’s (Lorna Waggoner) witty jokes and delivery of the information made it easier for myself, and later my staff, to comprehend and retain the information being presented to us. During the CSCS™ class my staff enjoyed Allen’s teaching technique, although Ali taught when I went I found the information was delivered both times in an equally impressive, condensed but retainable manner and we all came away from both classes knowing the information and not just memorizing a bunch of acronyms. I highly recommend ecfirst.”
Clint Russell
Mays Home Health Company

“This was the most enjoyable course I’ve ever attended concerning a subject as potentially dry as HIPAA. Well done! Lorna was great!”
Phil Mowry
Well DyneRx

“Lorna did a fantastic job in presenting the course material. A tremendous amount of material was covered over the two-day class period and the class material segmentation helped in the learning process.” Patricia Beard COSTEP “Great class, needed the refresher.”
State of Colorado Student

“Lorna Waggoner, the instructor, kept this course very interesting and all of us on the tip of our toes/edge of our seats. Enjoyed the course and all the information.”
Dayton Green

“Great Instructor!”
Mari Mann-Silva
Diligen Technologies

“Great course! Lots of material in a short period but the instructor made the information easy to remember and digest. I would highly recommend this course to the beginner to the expert; IT people as well as administrative. There are 2 A’s in HIPAA and Privacy is not in the title!”
Zadoc-Lee Kekuewa

“Lorna made HIPAA very fun. It was a real good course.”
Eddie Myers
CREST Services

“This was the most enjoyable course I’ve ever attended concerning a subject as potentially dry as HIPAA. Well done – Lorna was great!”
Phil Mowry
Well DyneRx

“Very good course. Very informative and relevant.”
Trace Ridpath
State of Colorado

“I have to say that it was not easy but the information is really great. This is something that has given me the ability to have an entirely different conversation with my customers. I would very highly recommend that if you are working in the healthcare field, this course should be a must. I’m so glad that I got the books as well as the online class as my book is going to be something I will constantly reference.”
Mimi Shaw

“This class is great for preparing for the exam. Found it to be very clear and easy to understand. Lorna did a wonderful job.”
Annette Ternes

“This class gave me a better understanding of what HIPAA is.”
State of Colorado Student

“I thought the class was very informative and the instructor was excellent. Both knowledgeable and engaging.”
Sue Wong
Kaiser Permanente

“Great information taught by a wonderful instructor”
Kaiser Permanente Student

“The training on HIPAA was excellent! Lorna Waggoner was very knowledgeable and thorough in addressing all of the concerns in the class. The information was organized so that the training flowed and transitioned from one topic to the next seamlessly. I would recommend this course for anyone and everyone working in a Covered Entity or as a Business Associate.”
Dave Foor

“I thought the Certified HIPAA Professional course was extremely worthwhile and helped to clarify the murkiness that is HIPAA. The instructor, Alan Yue, did a great job leading the course. He took a very dry topic and made it interesting and demonstrated the importance of the regulations relative to our business. I would recommend the ecfirst course to anyone, and most especially would recommend Alan as the instructor!”
Marie Simonelli, Senior Privacy Analyst
OneBeacon Insurance Group

“I really enjoyed the course, the presenter was very good. His presentational style and the depth of his knowledge on the issues concerned made it easier to understand the course. I wish to say that the course was very useful and beneficial to my work.”
Gustav G.L. Cruickshank (Dr.)
National Health Insurance Authority

“I really enjoyed the class. I’ve been reading HIPAA regulation on and off for some years now, but felt rather bored and lost at times on how to approach understanding such a dauntingly large and somewhat nebulous federal regulation. The HIPAA Academy‟s Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) class encapsulated everything into a well organized and structured logic that I could understand and absorb much more easily and quickly.”
Patrick So, CISA
IT Compliance
Kaiser Permanente

“Lorna is so Pro HIPAA – she makes us all want to go back to work to share & implement HIPAA requirements. As a clinical professional, the knowledge this course provided me was amazing. The manual & reference cards are invaluable tools to have handy when implementing HIPAA and needing as a reference. I would recommend this course to all clinical and non-clinical healthcare workers.”
Dana McGrath

“Alan really helped me understand the core elements and details. I will be recommending ecfirst and this course to others.”
Stuart Foster

“ecfirst‟s Certified HIPAA Professional program did a great job of taking a large body of law and condensing it down to cover the aspects of the security and privacy rules that most directly impact companies that work with PHI. After taking the classes I feel confident about making HIPAA-related policy decisions that will keep our organization in compliance and ready for an audit.”
Mark Adams
LeonardoMD, Inc.

“Instructor was awesome! He knew his stuff and was able to help us put the regulations into context relative to our specific issues to the regulations. I’d highly recommend him as an instructor. The only negative I had was that it would have been helpful to have the book prior to the class. This way, we could have been more prepared to ask questions on specific items and also to have more time for on-site exam preparation.”
Students from OneBeacon Insurance Co.

“First, Lorna is an outstanding instructor. She did an excellent job of keeping the class focused especially with all the material that needed to be covered. Several years ago in the original HIPAA Privacy and Security programs, I was responsible for the security assessment for the enterprise network (WAN). Learned a lot back then. It was great to see what’s happening in the evolution of HIPAA even as we speak. Had a great time, learned a lot. Best of luck to all you folks at ecfirst.”
Preston Sharpe, Senior Technology Consultant
IT Compliance
Kaiser Permanente

“Great course. Instructor was VERY knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this course for people who are new to HIPAA and the regulations.”
Jimmy Goga
Portable CIO

“This class is for beginners as well as people who have previous HIPAA experience as it validates what we have been doing is correct and if not, how to make it correct and feel in control of our PHI.”
Sylvia Hale
Umpqua Community Health

“My experience with the HIPAA Academy™, specifically ecfirst was by far the least painful training experience in my 11 years in the industry. HIPAA as it applies to Business Associates has always been a gray area for me. As a vendor, being compliant in a client’s eyes is of the upmost importance and this course really gave me some insight to be able to speak intelligently about this area.”
Chuck Edwards
Health check Incorporated

“The CHP course was a lot to take in at once, but the instructor’s (Lorna Wagoner) anecdotes based on her extensive and relative field experience and her course delivery made the compliance material and the rather prosaic nature of the HIPAA Rule itself frighteningly enjoyable! I learned a lot!”
Chelsea Budzko

“Great Course! Thoroughly, cleared up some of the muddiness of the HIPAA regulations for me.”
Deb Kipp
HKS Medical Information Systems

“Excellent, up-to-date information; expert instructor with great presentation style.”
Doug Renshaw

“Lorna was an excellent teacher! She was fun and kept things interesting. There are other people in my firm that should and will take this class. I feel a lot more comfortable about how HIPAA relates to my company and how I will update our policies. THANKS! Also, I wanted to let you know that I was in a meeting on Monday and the owner of my company was talking about NPIs vs. UPINs. I was able to speak to the group on the difference and how the NPIs are assigned. Wow, did I take a lot out of your training!”
Kevin Hosty
Cleverley & Associates

“I recommend the CHP course for anyone desiring a comprehensive understanding of HIPAA. The HIPAA Academy™ course solidified the understanding of HIPAA I had as a healthcare professional and increased my knowledge base in the areas of portability and accountability of healthcare information.”
Catherine Mathis, RHIT
La Palma Intercommunity Hospital

“The two days spent studying HIPAA in this format with people from all over healthcare fields greatly improved my understanding and ability to deliver compliance plans for my organization and our clients.”
Karl A. Mudra
Delta Dental of Missouri

“After years of confusion about how HIPAA regulations impact the dental practitioners, this course has laid it out in plain English. I now feel confident about implementing the requirements and can also see business value in doing so.”
Victoria Post,
DDS American Dental Partners

“Extremely informative. Stories that relate to HIPAA “text”. Not just straight “text book talk”. Excellent presentation.”
Yvonne Ramos, HIPAA Privacy Officer
Montclair Hospital Medical Center

“Wow! Lots of information in a short amount of time, but delivered in a way I could understand.”
Laura Morgan, Regional Applications Manager, Information Services
West Anaheim Medical Center

“On behalf of the State of Oregon Department of Human Services HIPAA Privacy team, we would like to say, Thank You.

The dedication and passion that your team presented on a daily basis for the past five months has been outstanding. We were able to surpass our project goal by 6 percent and maintain our projected budget! This is a direct reflection of the flexibility of both your Management team and the on-site HIPAA Consultants performing the training.

When our organization scoped out this project to train up to 10,000 DHS employees on HIPAA Privacy we knew we would have to partner with a company that has proven their abilities at a national level. We were very pleased to learn that you had an interest in working closely with us to ensure our projects‟ success. The HIPAA Academy‟s past experiences, team members and client success‟ made you the best choice for our project. You were able to prove to us the project plan you put on paper was able to be implemented and successfully achieved.

Every HIPAA Academy™ instructor delivered the training with enthusiasm and customized it to include specific examples from various organizations within the State of Oregon. The project itself was managed closely, transparently and responsibly from the Project Manager and her supporting team in the HIPAA Academy™ back office. All feedback was very quickly integrated in subsequent sessions to make every training session the best it possibly could be.

To date this is the largest departmental training project we have attempted. We owe a great deal of its success to the team at HIPAA Academy™. I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the near future. We have and will continue to refer your services to all parties that are looking for HIPAA compliance services.”
Teri Cardinale
Training Specialist
State of Oregon HIPAA Privacy Team

“A fast and effective overview of HIPAA; beginning to end, top to bottom.”
Kurt Harle
Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa

“I recommend this class for all privacy, security officers. There is a lot of information that is beneficial and important for the health care provider. The class was fun, interesting and well organized. Thank you!”
Edelma Urquieta, HIPAA Privacy Officer
Chino Valley Medical Center

“I have attended over 70 trainings and still needed more information. The HIPAA Academy™ provided outstanding training both broad-based as well as in-depth that was comprehensive and critical to my complete understanding. I am grateful to my trainers who were both extremely knowledgeable yet were able to share their information on a level that I could comprehend. They were also reassuring and supportive.” Debby Fencil Familylinks, Inc.
“I had no idea the topic of HIPAA was so involved. After taking this class, I feel that I have the information available to me in an easy to use resource that will help me to perform my job to a higher standard. Lorna Waggoner was able to take a complex (somewhat dry) subject and break it down into digestible and interesting ‘bites’”
Meg A. Watt
Intuit, Inc.

“Knowing nothing about HIPAA before attending – other than it existed – I left the CHP HIPAA training from the HIPAA Academy™ with a fairly thorough understanding at a very complex subject. I highly recommend the course for anyone who has a need (or desire) to understand HIPAA or how to assist an organization become HIPAA compliant.”
Peter A. Savarese
Compliance Counsel, LLC

“The content of this course was extremely valuable and will drive significant change in our organization. In addition, the material was well structured, the instructor was very knowledgeable and the presentation was engaging.”
Caleb Merriman
Guidant Corporation

“The course gave me the framework to build my knowledge on the topic. I’ll walk away prepared to deal with my responsibilities with confidence since I know where to find my resources. Great course; it exceeded my expectations.”
Dana Webb
County of Riverside, California

“Lorna has incredible enthusiasm and while HIPAA training can tend to be boring, Lorna does an excellent job of keeping her CHP class participants engaged.”
Liz Johnson
Big Sky OB/GYN

“The task of bringing my client to HIPAA compliance was dumped in my lap. As a consultant more on the management side of the healthcare industry, I felt overwhelmed when given the responsibility. Being only slightly familiar with the medical transactions, codes and procedure, I thought it impossible to even grasp HIPAA from a class. Boy was I wrong! I now am aware and feel competent in my knowledge of the scope of HIPAA, and I am convinced that it will be evident in my report/briefs to my clients. Thank you HIPAA Academy™!”
Anita Herron
Primary Care Partners

“HIPAA Academy™ is a leader in the industry of HIPAA Compliance. It has been a professional and knowledgeable exchange of information. The personable and customizing options make the HIPAA Academy™ the source for your complete HIPAA Compliance.”
Jenice Harter
Medical Staffing

“Great program to attend – especially an instructor lead class. It makes HIPAA easy to understand and apply. Thank you for the information shared!”
Abhishek Pandey

“Lorna Waggoner, the instructor, took a complex subject and made it user friendly. Great Job! Great Class!” Jim

Drennen Pensacola
Junior College

“Enjoyed the class. We covered many topics that are very relevant to healthcare and Privacy and Security of PHI.”

Pensacola Junior College

“The material covered was extremely well organized. Ms. Waggoner stayed on task and presented the material in an environment conducive to adult learning. I now have some valuable tools to take back to my workplace on this important topic.”
William Norrish
City of Pensacola

“Very valuable information! Lots to absorb. Love the design and layout of the textbook. Written well.”
Linda Weishahn
Pensacola Junior College

“Instructor is extremely knowledgeable about course material and HIPAA regulations. Never a dull moment! She put a real world touch to material covered throughout the course.”
David Bourassa
Pensacola Junior College

“Very good HIPAA course for all levels of knowledge. Instructor was well prepared and very knowledgeable about the subject. The instructor kept the topic interesting over the two days”
Randy Haskins,
IT Director Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa

“Great class! Knowledge of the instructor was right on par!” Katie Avril Lakeland Regional Medical Center
“This was a great course and Lorna is a great instructor. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot.”
Victor Hair

“As a medical professional, I found this training course to fill in many of the HIPAA holes that existed after my formal training was completed. I would recommend this course for all medical professionals.”
Evan Dapo

“Great class.”
William Flanagan
Singer Nelson Charlmers

“The class is like a crash course but very helpful in getting compliant with the HIPAA regulations.”
Ricardy Joseph
Singer Nelson Charlmers

“Lorna was great! Very animated and kept my attention.”
Karen Merse
Singer Nelson Charlmers

“This HIPAA class is helpful and informative to me and my business. After I took this, I realized what is needed to meet HIPAA requirements.”
David Nguyen
Fluency Inc.

“Knowledgeable Trainer, kept class engaged in topics.” Michael DeGraff Northwest Community Hospital
“Excellent class benefit was wonderful. Material provided was excellent. Instructor presented well and kept the attention of audience. Would hire company again.”
Kathy Fletcher

“I really enjoyed taking this class. I look forward to taking my knowledge back to my employer and sharing all of the information with the co-workers, as well as my upper management!”
Michelle Boyd

“I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to understand the benefits and requirements of HIPAA”
David P. Spaker III
Innovative Solutions

“I liked the course the way it was laid out and presented. Instructor was well organized and was very friendly. She answered the questions with patience. Thank you Mrs. Lorna Waggoner.”
Uma Reddy
Desert Valley Medical Center

“Fantastic course. I am a security person with no privacy responsibilities but I found the privacy and transaction code material to be great background information. Alan Yue presented the material in a logical, clear, and fun manner.”
Bryan McLaughlin
Creighton University

“I thought the day would be “dry” & move slowly. I was pleasantly surprised, we moved right along with a good mix of teaching, visuals and time for questions and illustration. Worth the time!”
Susan Brown

“Clear and concise instruction quickly brought me up to a very familiarity with HIPAA statutes.”
Steve Garcia

“The session was interesting and helpful. We had certain loopholes, which were connected by learning and knowing more about HIPAA and compliance. This was a good learning session with all different people around and from various streams.”
Rajitha B. Zavata
India Pvt. Ltd.

“Before starting this class, I thought HIPAA was an animal from the zoo, and now after taking it, I feel very confident that I will pass the certification with great ease!”
Rick Blanford

“I was very impressed with Alan’s enthusiasm, knowledge and ability to teach the material. He was effective in his delivery and was able to convey the information to the class in an interesting manner.”
Michele Fox
PNC Bank

“Excellent! I finally understand some of the principles that I had problems with. Alan explains everything so clearly – great style and knowledge of material.”
Marie Cervantes
Yoakum Community Hospital

“Informative, well organized presentation that provides a comprehensive overview of HIPAA legislation, implementation and compliances.”
Roger Rodwell
Kuakini Medical Center

“Alan’s grasp of the material and ability to communicate it to someone with limited knowledge of HIPAA is outstanding. I highly recommend it.”
Shaun Cook
Support MD

“Alan was very knowledgeable and was able to answer our specific questions with authority. I feel I have a good grasp of the HIPAA privacy rule.”
Mary Ranalla
Ameriprise Financial

“Lorna Waggoner, from HIPAA Academy™, presented an outstanding in service on HIPAA. The information she presented was pertinent to our organization. Her in service was well organized and moved smoothly. She had tailored her program to meet our needs. Lorna spoke with authority and freely answered our questions. We are a more informed organization on HIPAA, because of her presentation.”
Donna Jensen
Utah Navajo Health System

“It (the private class) certainly was a wonderful experience! Ali demonstrated not only to be a well prepared, skilled and knowledgeable professional, but also a great human being. This has been one of the best professional experiences I’ve had in my life.”
Elvis Lopez
Inmediata Health Group Corp,
Puerto Rico

“Alan Yue was the Best instructor I have ever had. His knowledge of the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Regulation was/is outstanding, as well as many other security professional topics. I am very satisfied with the training I received; I will definitely recommend others to attend.”
Casey Pitts

“This was a great class! I thought I knew HIPAA inside and out. I was wrong. I now feel much more comfortable with the thought of presenting our company obligations – and short coming with respect to our compliance efforts (or, more of our efforts to assist our customers in their compliance’s efforts.)”
Megan Heffernan

“I was skeptical coming into a 3 day training class on HIPAA, but I knew during the day it would not be as I expected. The class was very informative and I’m walking away with a better understanding of HIPAA. Also, the best instructor yet!”
April Mershon

“Was an excellent class. Would recommend it to anyone that needs to better understand the full breath of the HIPAA regulations.”
Jeff Russell
King’s Medical Group

“Excellent instructor. Recommend this class to anyone that wants a good understanding of HIPAA Regulations and Security Practice.”
Sam Hilton

“Excellent information. Presentation was done very professionally and full of energy!”
Evon Rasmussen
Division of Child & Family Services

“Great job Alan. I learned a lot and will put my new knowledge to great use. Thanks”
Julie Peterson
Bamboo Management

“This class was informative from a software security specialist standpoint.”
Josh Mugele

“Fantastic course. Instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to keep my attention the whole time.”
Scott Salerno
Mountain Medical Physicians

“The CHP course covered all the pertinent material to properly, effectively and expertly educate on a manner that was easy to assimilate and truly understand. HIPAA material is very complex, the instructor was among the best I have had.”
Dan Joyce
Lifeline systems

“I have attended many security classes. This one is, by-far, the superior offering in the security realm. The real-world experience of Alan (instructor) added value to the course content.”
Robert Beady
Signal Solutions Inc.

“I came to the class not having much of a background in the HIPAA areas and rules. I feel I am leaving the class with a greater knowledge that will help me move my company forward compliance. The presentation and instructor of the class was excellent.”
Mike Melvin
Montgomery County

“At the beginning of this course I felt a little overwhelmed with the responsibility I have been ‘nudged’ into. This course has given me guidance and knowledge of how to perform my job in the best possible way.”
Nicole Beatingo
Alexian Brothers Medical Center

“Alan did a remarkable job presenting three day’s worth of somewhat tedious and minutiae-filled information. His enthusiasm and energy kept me interested all along the way”
David Lehrman
Netcomm Consulting Services, Inc.

“The course was fantastic – well worth the time and cost benefit”
Bekki Sanchez
Harbor View Medical Center

“HIPAA is a subject containing an overwhelming amount of information. This class presented this information in an interesting and very easy to understand manner. When looking at the materials, it’s hard to imagine it can be presented, much less well-presented, in three day’s time, but this class does it in spades.”
James Taylor
Network Consultants, LLC

“I found this class to be extremely useful in understanding the general concepts of HIPAA.”
Chris Thompson

“This course is definitely an essential training aid for anyone working in the areas of Privacy & Security. I entered the course with a brief overview of the subject matter but have gained a better knowledge base and understanding due to attending the course. I’d definitely recommend the course to all health care facilities and covered entities who must comply with HIPAA. The brevity of course provided outstanding detailed information to each of us.”
Felicia Burks
US Army

“Prior to this class I had limited knowledge of HIPAA; I found this class very useful and interesting and a great introduction to HIPAA requirements and lingo. It was the instructor who made the class extraordinary. He was not only knowledgeable but also enthusiastic and energetic. He explained the HIPAA concepts using real world examples as well as everyday analogies. I feel confident that after reviewing the material briefly that I will successfully pas the CHP exam.”
Shruthi Kuiper
HCR Manor Care

“Excellent training. It was a great experience that will be useful for my job.”
Nayda Carrasquillo

“HIPAA Academy™ has produced clear and understandable content with expert level instructors. I have been able to develop a solid foundation to strengthen my company and protect my customers. I recommend Academy courses for several levels of company employees”
Sal Velasco

“The class as instruction was very well written and taught. This has given me a better understanding of the HIPAA Standards and Rules.
Rickey Earley

“The course was developed very well. It was a great eye-opener for me entering the health care industry. Having already received my CISSP, it was nice seeing that the wheel was not reinvented and that industry standards were followed. Alan proved his knowledge and awareness of the course material and presented it very well!!!”
Joey Belans Emdeon

“In depth understanding of the 3 major parts of Title 11 of HIPAA Transaction Standards, Privacy Rule & Security Rule.”
Patty Neumayer

“Having recently implemented an enterprise HIPAA Compliance Program for one of our clients, this course was able to validate certain processes of the HIPAA program and help identify areas for improvement. Having a better understanding of HIPAA law certainly makes me feel more confident about the advice I give my clients. Thanks, HIPAA Academy™”
LeRoy Brown
Automation Management Consultants

“The CHP class was a great value. The information provided not only help you get certified, but helps you with HIPAA compliance. The instructors are top notch.“
Kevin Varley

“The CHP course was extremely valuable in giving me a better understanding of the HIPAA Privacy Rule as it relates to my position of a compliance specialist. The course also gave me a much better understanding of the Security Rule. I feel that an IT person should attend. I will be sure to relate that to senior management. The Security Officer absolutely should take this course.”
Robyn Reiss
JLT Services Corp.

“The instructor is very well informed, experienced and provides a practical approach to a complex subject.”
Jeffrey L. Hunter

“Excellent course. Instructor was very knowledgeable and delivered content in a clear manner”
Wayne Kincaid

“I got very good understanding of HIPAA regulation after attending the HIPAA Academy™ Course. Thank You.”
Pyreddy Reddy

“The course held expertly developed material that combined with the outstanding skills of the presenter unlocked the tangle of HIPAA Regulations and presented them in a logical format. Well done!”
Mark Gower
Great Wall Consulting

“I have attended many classes like this one, never have I seen such enthusiasm and drive from an instructor. The class was very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone.”
Pat Taylor

“Enjoyed the class very much. The Instructor was very well prepared and knowledgeable. I will recommend this class to anyone (Administrator) to attend.”
Shawn Shamsaie
Sisters of Providence

“This class was so much more than I expected. Alan is a dynamic, knowledgeable presenter who can share the information in a practical and user friendly manner. I feel Alan has given me the tools to go back to my place of employment and begin implementing what I have learned. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who requires HIPAA knowledge.”
Sandra Nettleton
Valir Health

“The instructor was excellent. Lots of good information presented in a well structured manner with many real world practice examples”
Steve Jourdan

“HIPAA CHP – was very informational, I feel like I now have a better idea of what I need to be doing with our compliance program. I look forward to coming back and learning more!!”
Rhonda Hawson
Advanced Medical Imaging

“Highly recommended class & professor!”
Suren Avunjian
Health Line

“Very good course and a great instructor. My knowledge of HIPAA was greatly enhanced.”
Jeff Marshall
Zenith Administrations

“I came to the HIPAA seminar with my mind made up that it was just another law to create more problems for business owners. After attending the seminar I realize how important the privacy and security rules are for all people to have their confidential information kept private.”
Denise Russell
Fincher & Hecht LLC

“The CHP class was excellent. The instructor (Alan Yue) took a dry and complicated subject and made it fun and informative. The best training class I’ve ever attended.”
Stephen Whicker
St. Vincent Health

“The training was thoroughly, systematic, and still managed to be interesting. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who needs a complete and timely understanding of HIPAA issues, values and compliance.”
Michael Ehart
Capstone College

“Excellent, well organized course, includes a thorough coverage of the HIPAA regulations and the several rule s that implement. HIPAA Academy™ has an excellent set of materials to study and tech this important Healthcare transforming law. Our instructor made his course very lively and interesting”
Alberto LaCava
Felician College

“Class was great. Instructor was wonderful! ”
Jaren Johnson
St. Vincent Health

“I feel better prepared and equipped based on the text, material and the high degree and quality of the instructor. I would not keep this a secret – I will take my chances spreading the word!”
Jeff Scardino
JLT Services Corp

“Alan’s Knowledge and enthusiasm, combined with the course materials, made the course enlightening and enjoyable.”
Richard O’Malley
Medical Services of America Inc

“The class has been the best on privacy that I have attended. Alan made things or issues with privacy scalable.”
Becky Short
Maumee Valley Guidance Center

“Alan is a dynamic and energetic speaker. He grabs the student‟s attention from the beginning. There is an enormous amount of information, but Alan presents it in such a way that you are able to follow him and come away from the event as if though you are spilling over with info. Thanks Alan ‘job well done’.”
Teresa Romero
Taos Orthopedic Institute, PC

“Since I am an independent consultant, I was trying to determine if the class over home study was worth my money. After the first day of class, I was so happy that I chose to come to class. I feel as if I can pass the certification. ”
Kathy Robinson
Fade to Black

“Great boot camp for HIPAA. It has served my knowledge base well and been the efficiency for our organization.”
Charles Merritt
KMSF, Inc.

“The amount of information covered and additional references were so much more than I expected. Great course! ”
Mark Roberts
Plainfield Health Center

“I was assigned to new job responsibilities and needed to get up to speed fast. Alan fulfilled this need with grace and energy. ”
Eric Marx

“The HIPAA Academy™ CHP course provided me with a great tool to take back to my organization to assist with HIPAA implementation.”
Paul Lastrella
El Paso County, Colorado

“Good overview of the Administrative Simplification given the short span of time. The course content is good too!”
Sunilha Modoor
Deloilte Consulting

“Great Course! Alan was very knowledgeable, and I learned a great deal about how to align SARBANES-OXLEY initiatives with HIPAA. The course was well presented, and supported by good materials.”
Gary Benesko
Robert Half Management Resources

“This was an excellent class for gaining a full understanding of HIPAA. It’s impact upon your company and developing an implementation plan to be in compliance. Alan is a phenomenal instructor, who takes the time to help you understand complex information. I highly recommend this class. ”
Paul Vobgetin
Interleukin Genetics

“HIPAA is a huge undertaking, which can be overwhelming. The CHP course approaches the material in an organized manner that will make compliance with HIPAA far more manageable.”
Sean Patrick
Gibson Area Hospital

“HIPAA Academy™ CHP Program is a Fact Based, Realistic Approach to the process, changes needed to understand, implement and monitor the HIPAA Rule/Regulations. The 3-day course has prepared me to be able to train/educate my staff as well as develop p&p to implement the rule. The instructor was dynamic and presented real life experiences to compliment the material/rule.”
Dorothy Knioat
Health Resource Alliance

“The class was very informative. I learned a lot and feel I am better prepared to implement HIPAA compliance initiatives. The instructor really knew the material and put these topics in plain terms.”
John Christly
Memorial Healthcare System

“I thought the course was outstanding. It allowed me the chance to learn an area in-depth that I know little about before.”
Timothy D. Kennedy
Backbone Security

“I was impressed with the competency of Alan. He was willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure understanding of the topics at hand. I am walking out with more knowledge than I thought possible!”
Ronald Johnson
Aspin Technologies

“This course was outstanding, the instructor was exceptional and the material was well organized and delivered.”
Chris McBrairty
Backbone Security

“Alan was awesome! He made the material easy to understand. He also has excellent knowledge in this subject matter and used “Real World” explanation to make the material relevant”
Kevin Roney

“The course was exactly what I needed to help my clients. I feel that what I have learned in the CHP course will help me to pass the cert test and find a better client base for my company.”
Michael Stewart
Integration, LLC

“Alan is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and he was always to make the class very interesting. He kept us awake and made otherwise dry material fun. He made himself available at all times. Thank you!”
Lance Anderson

“Very challenging class which demands for a complete, unwavering commitment. This course could not have been successfully completed without the dedication, strong degree of professionalisms and caring approach of Alan Yue. Will definite recommend this class again.”
Sophie Luu

“Alan really went the extra mile and spent time after class tutoring on transactions and security.”
Andrew Pernie

“Alan Yue is an exceptional instructor, whose enthusiasm is matched only by his fervent drive. He engages you individually, as well as a group. He has a very through knowledge of the subject matter. Alan is the kind of instructor you hope you get.”
Kelly Henson

“The HIPAA Academy™ CHP course enhanced my knowledge in Privacy and Security standards in order for me to feel comfortable taking the CHP test. I have a better understanding of the HIPAA requirements. ”
Kim Ball

“Great course on HIPAA guidelines!”
Donna Weeden
Council of Community Clinics

“I will certainly highly recommend to my Privacy Officer to attend the next scheduled HIPAA Certified Professional course. In addition, I will recommend our Legal Counsel and Compliance Officer to attend a CHP class with HIPAA Academy™.”
Vincent C. Quichocho
Guam Memorial Hospital

“I would highly recommend this class for anyone who needs as much information as possible on HIPAA. This was a great learning experience for someone just entering into the health industry.”
Kenneth M. Kerrick,
III Delta Health Systems

“I would definitely recommend this course. This has been a great explanation and learning tool for me.”
Debra K. Bakker,
CCS Community Medical Center

“This was the most in-depth, yet easy to comprehend (as well as enjoyable!) HIPAA workshop I‟ve attended and (I have attended quite a few). I have a good idea of the steps necessary to get my company moving in the right direction. Alan was so knowledgeable and gives great analogies + examples. He amazingly made government regulation interesting and even fun.”
Seth Walker
Healthcare Partners

“This course included a comprehensive model that provided me with a clear understanding of the HIPAA regulation and the steps necessary to achieve compliance.” Jeff Norris Shared Care Inc.
“Good Job!”
Terry Ziemniak

“The class was enjoyable. The content of the class was structured in a very easy and understandable way. I learned more here this past three days than all of my other training combined this past year. Great presentation. Thank you!”
Jim Smith
Little River Medical

“The class helped me understand how all of the different terms and concepts of HIPAA come together. I have a much better understanding of where I am going in the quest to become HIPAA certified!”
Nick Eastby
Heartland Information Services

“Timely & effective. A lot of meaningful knowledge gained for myself and my company‟s projects to comply with HIPAA regulations. Thanks for sharing multiple approaches to challenges that we will face.”
Roger Moy
GE Consumer Finance

“I wish I knew about this class when I first took over the job of HIPAA compliance! Alan Yue is the best instructor I’ve ever had. He makes sure no one is left behind.”
Virginia Benson

“I ready love the guidance that I received from the instructor to understand the Standards and Privacy rights. I feel that I have general knowledge to now apply this to our corporation in a general sense and plan to educate myself further to apply these compliance standards within our company for a better workforce environment.”
Teresa Fahle

“The Certified HIPAA Professional course covered all the important HIPAA issues in a short direct time frame without falling short on any coverage of topics.”
Dennis C. Olliney
Park University

“With an information security background, I needed to learn specific information about the healthcare industry and HIPAA compliance. This course helped me do that. I believe I am better able to help clients in the health care industry meet their HIPAA implementation and compliance goals.”
A student from Pennsylvania Class

“Provided clarification on HIPAA requirements and implementation.”
John Kuginski
Signal Solution

“HIPAA Academy™ & especially Alan presented a very detailed statutory law into a concise „need to know‟, manner. I have a greater understanding of how the Privacy rule applies to my organization.”
Suzanne Hribik
Goodwill Industries

“HIPAA Academy™ was able to package & present lengthy and complex material in a very concise and informational format. HIPAA Academy™ was able to bring out all the salient business issues and benefits from Government mandates”
Jim Higgins
Jim Higgins & Associates, Inc

“Alan did a great job explaining all the content, very informative, highly recommended for a medical, hospital, privacy officers. Great content in the class.”
David Diaz
Forte Industries

“I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to learn about, or more about HIPAA. The certification is a great plus. Concepts are presented in a very logical sequence to build your knowledge base. Outstanding Course!”
John Bell
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

“I found the CHP course to be very useful and applicable. My company and clients will greatly benefit from the better understanding of HIPAA compliance that I now have. The instructor was excellent and did a wonderful job engaging the group into the conversation and content” Rick Goins Ncontrol System Integration
“A great presentation of both the specifics of the legislation and the practical issues of compliance- where the rubber meets the road.”
Chris Layton

“Thank you HIPAA & Alan for constructing a course that allows the attendee to get valuable & useful information on a very difficult law. Mr. Yue’s depth of knowledge of the subject & his enthusiasm for it was wonderful to be a part of”
Dave Mast
Tech Depot

“Provided clarification on HIPAA requirements and implementation.”
John Kuginski
Signal Solution

“I am very thankful I took the time to take this class. The knowledge I received was very helpful. Our instructor Alan was very helpful. He took the information and put it in everyday use. We were given examples of everything. Alan goes way above & beyond what a normal instructor would do.”
Bobbie Afable
Safety Send

“After completing the CHP course provided through the HIPAA Academy™, I feel I have a basic overall knowledge of the HIPAA regulations, specifically the Privacy, Transaction, and Security components. I believe Alan played a huge role in this by presenting the information in a clear, thorough and applicable training manner.”
Sharon Barnhart
Summacare Health Plan

“The HIPAA Academy™ CHP training program provided essential information in an easy to apply format.”
Kevin Youngblood
HCR Manor Care

“This was an excellent class. I have a better understanding of HIPAA compliance requirements. The instructor was very knowledgeable in all aspects of HIPAA privacy & security.”
Jeff Hanneman
HCF Management Inc

“I had no idea how extensive the laws were and how it impacted my organization. I have a much better understanding & appreciation of HIPAA Privacy that I hope to convey to the key players within my Organization to help us strengthen our existing Compliance processes for HIPAA.”
Richard Cheshire
New Hanover Regional Medical Center

“The class was very informational on the regulations and rules of HIPAA. The instructor was very good at explaining and going over questions that we had concerning HIPAA rules and regulations. The instructor went over the material in detail”
Kyle Unverferth
HCF Management Inc

“The content is great and the Instructor really knew her stuff.”
Kyle Sessions
Pathology Service Associates, LLC

“The material covered opened my eyes to many things that need to be addressed in and around my workplace. It gave me insight and information to what will help get us on our way to compliance.”
Jimmy Johnson
Pathology Service Associates LLC

“Coming to this Class I didn’t have an understanding of the Privacy side of HIPAA. This class made it very clear to me of the requirements that I need to do for the organization.”
Shane Kramer
Olmsted Medical Center

“I felt I have benefited greatly from this class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend it.”
Lora Steiner
MidOhio Cardiology and Vascular Consultant Inc.

“HIPAA is a huge piece of legislation. This course plotted a clear direction through the piles of paper, to an understanding of all the WHO, the WHAT, and the HOW. This course will send you on your way. Thanks for all the great info. I am ready to get started.”
Trey Ford
FishNet Security

“CHP was a very informative course on HIPAA and covers in-depth the various aspects of HIPAA compliance.”
Sonia Soni

“Excellent program! Very well organized and well prepared Instructor.”
Rita Smith

“Very good training on HIPAA procedures & regulations and its impact on healthcare services.”
Nasser Azan
Computer Associates

“The certified HIPAA Professional course was an exceptional method for obtaining a thorough understanding of the HIPAA regulations. The instructor was very knowledgeable of the materials. Provided excellent real life examples and kept the course interesting.”
John Kerber

“Very intuitive, well thought out course that covered all of the HIPAA requirements.”
James Holler
James Holler Inc

“Excellent course. I have a much stronger understanding of the HIPAA requirements and standards.”
Brigied Holland
Navapache Regional Medical Center (NRMC)

“I am new to the HIPAA arenas. After taking this course, I feel like an expert on HIPAA compliance. This course would benefit anyone involved in E-PHI and the medical industry in general.”
Dwayne Roberts
United States Air Force

“This HIPAA Academy™ course provided me with vital information to assist my customer‟s activities their HIPAA requirements.”
Kevin Russell
MSI Systems Integrator

“The class size allowed for a great interaction and discussions on real-life privacy and security issues. Mark is a great Instructor and really kept things moving and on track. I would highly recommend this session for individuals needing more in-depth, realistic discussions of the HIPAA regulations.”
Dena SanMiguel
AIM Health Care Services, INC

“Spot-On. The course met my objectives.”
Steve Dunkle
American Fidelit

“Having entering the course knowing only what HIPAA stands for, I came out of completing the course understanding the laws, rules and regulations to create, and implement the standards of HIPAA in the everyday practices of the company.”
Paula Loving
US MedTrans

“The CHP class provided the information necessary for me to perform my duties as a HIPAA privacy officer.”
Lisa B. Echan
State of Nevada Dept. of Human Resources

“Jody is an excellent instructor. It would have been beneficial to have a copy of the regulations either in the class or indicated in the course material. It would have been helpful to have some examples to apply the requirements to. The class did an excellent job of providing/identifying areas for the exam.”

“The instructors were very nice + helpful with questions. I now have a better understanding of HIPAA and how to implement procedures for this in the workplace to include staff training. The book + laminated cards are a great reference and irreplaceable as far as finding all of this information in one place, consolidated in this manner.”
Tracy Mergenthaler
US MedTrans

“A great overview that provides a “bread crumb” approach to understand the application of HIPAA as a part of the business processes.”
Robert Schadey

“After taking this class, I feel more comfortable with HIPAA Privacy and Security. As a CISSP, this is a great course to take for CE requirements. Furthermore, I feel more prepared as a consultant to assist my healthcare customer with HIPAA compliance.”
Chris Feeney,
CISSP Computer Services Partners Inc

“This class was a great foundation for Privacy and HIPAA overview.”
Tom Ennekins
Mount Carmel Health

“This course presented me with an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the HIPAA standards and to network with those with a common interest.”
Jody Landrigan

“I signed up for the CHP course on the high recommendations of security colleagues. Without a doubt, the Instructor and the course both delivered up to and well beyond my expectations. Great Course, great Instructor.”
Jody Fraser

“It was really nice to have an instructor like Mark with his extensive knowledge of HIPAA. I learned a lot about Privacy and Security Rule.”
Nakul Mittal
B2B Technology

“Mr. Glowacki has inspired and motivated me to investigate and become as knowledgeable as possible in HIPAA. I look forward to further education with the HIPAA Academy™ as our company’s future progresses.”
Lani Kaiser
Z Technology

“It was a very „HIPAA-licious‟ (CHP) Program. I recommend it for all practice managers, doctors and nurses too!”
Darlene Wystub
Big Sky OB/GYN

“Very helpful in understanding the Transaction and Privacy rules. Course material makes an excellent future reference.”
Dan Hoskins,

“These people are the epitome of HIPAA.”
Issa Sweilem
HIPAA Council

“This helped me to untangle the web of standards that have been required by HIPAA.”
Chip Carper
Bauguess Management

“The HIPAA Academy™ training program helped me understand how to implement HIPAA and is a good course.”
Nancy Tarr

“The class is an excellent class. It was informative and the instructor was knowledgeable on the subject.”
Paul Mancini
Signal Solutions

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and able to convey the information. The class as a whole reinforced what I thought I knew and clarified what I didn’t.”
Jay Falck
Unicorn Computing

“This class was a great introduction to HIPAA concepts and processes. I now have a basis for integrating HIPAA into our organization. Thanks.”
Robert Sossman
Signal Solutions

“The instructor is well-suited for the class and friendly, making it easier to learn and understand what’s necessary for me to return to work and do my job.”
Jeannie Nicol
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan

“Clearly Mark is a leader in the field and is one of the most, if not the most, knowledgeable trainers I have encountered in 12 years. I look forward to continuing his curriculum.”
Michael Power
HIPAA Council

“Very broad and comprehensive coverage of HIPAA privacy. Knowledgeable instructor who used a lot of examples to elucidate key issues.”
K. Thayalan

“A balanced but very directed introduction to, and expansion of, the complexities of HIPAA presented with clarity and real world solutions to HIPAA compliance.”
John Landrigan

“I would recommend this program to anyone that needs to get up to par on the HIPAA regulations. Anyone that deals with most aspects of the healthcare industry should take it. The instructor, Mark Glowacki, presented the information in a way that was understandable as it was comprehensible. He supported each topic with real life situation that put the regulations in real world applications. It was a great experience.”
Neela Balling

“Instructor Mark Glowacki is an excellent facilitator who delivers the HIPAA certification information with an upbeat and refreshing tone!”
Margo Schaefer

“Well worth the time & money great Instructor!”
Lisa Grant

“Good Class. The large amount of material was presented in an easy to understand and lively fashion. The instructor brought in many real world examples and actively solicited student participation. This kept everyone involved interested. Great Job!”
Heidi Powers

“Thank goodness there are people out there who truly understand all the aspects of HIPAA and can explain and relate them to those of us who have been inundated with unanswered questions and clouded with gray areas. I have the best grasp of this material that I could possibly have expected and the background educational support to go forward with development and enforcement of policies and security actions to interpret the rules and meet compliance.”
Donna Angiulo
Huntington Hospital

“Best HIPAA Course I have found.”
Russell Meyer
US Oncology

“The Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) course offered by HIPAA Academy™ is an outstanding course if you need to learn how the federal regulations apply to you! Mark Glowacki is an extremely energetic Instructor who does an exceptional job of facilitating the entire learning experience.”
Julie Fetcho

“Well Organized; Instructor was very knowledgeable.”
A student in Chicago Class

“I found Ali to be very informative and easy to listen to. Thank you.”
Lyn Formella

“With the Myriad of HIPAA training programs that present themselves daily, it is refreshing to finally find one that delivers the wealth of knowledge possessed by the instructor combined with an energetic teaching style creates a rewarding and enjoyable learning environment.”
Brandon Gust

“Mark Glowacki is an outstanding Instructor who clearly knows not just the course but the intricacies of the regs”.
A student in Chicago Class

“I found this course material to be especially enlightening. It was a great way to establish clarity about the HIPAA and to obtain a broad overview and how we could begin to build an integrated HIPAA project plan. I feel very empowered as a result of having taking this course.”
A student in Chicago (July 21-23)

“The class was very beneficial. It confirmed what I knew about HIPAA But more importantly, it made some areas of the regs so much clearer.”
Shelly Gliner
Schmierer BH Corp

“This class was excellent for providing me with the concepts of HIPAA, since I did not know anything about HIPAA. Excited about taking the Security Specialist Class. Thanks Mark for a great Job.”
Tony Diaz

“Mark Glowacki is an excellent Instructor and really understands the complex language of HIPAA. He was able to convey his knowledge of the regulations in a way that a diverse group of students could all understand. Well Done.”
Ken Ihrer,

“This course confirmed a lot of what our organization had already researched. However, research does not allow you to ask questions. Having an instructor that knew what he was talking about was Awesome.”
Kerri Alexander
The Scooter Store

“Discussion was very helpful and enlightening. Instructor‟s suggestions and insight was great. A great class to achieve an overall understanding of HIPAA Privacy, Transaction & code sets and Security.”
Trish Voss
Parkview Medical Center

“I felt that the classes I attended were highly informative, well-organized and well-presented. I thought Mark did an excellent job as the instructor and contributed significant value-added information to the course. I also thought Mark did a great job of soliciting relevant class participation. I thought the course material was comprehensive and easy-to-understand.”
Lynn Gibson
Gibson Dimensions

“Very well done. Terri made a very complex law understandable. She made time during presentation to answer questions.”
Judy Stevenson
Bremer County

“The overview presented was very user friendly. Very good and pertinent discussions. Good presentation.”
Shane Walter
Sioux County

“[The HIPAA Brief was] very interesting, exciting, and informative”
Raimbekov Karim,
Irina K. Haroug MD, LTD

“Helped considerably. I‟ve been away from the medical industry for 3 ½ years and returned one week ago. So I have a lot to catch up on – real quick!”
Pat Drelie

“As a healthcare quality assurance/peer review clearinghouse, we had specific questions regarding HIPAA. Mike was extremely helpful.”
Dr. Michael Eisner
Federal Healthcare Review

“[The] course was very informative and entertaining.”
Kim Agort
Illinois Implant Dentistry

“My base knowledge of the changes was greatly broadened. It will help to organize the attack.”
Ron Jones, Ph.D.
Sun Health, Inc.

“Mark is a great instructor; he kept the material clear and interesting which is not easy!”
Student in Des Moines CHP course

“I have been made aware of how important it is to protect other person‟s information. I also want my private info protected.”
Myrna Williams
Dr. Sarita Woodson

“The course is well structured and very clear. I was very impressed!”
Student in Des Moines CHP course

“JK successfully used real-world examples to illustrate the text provided in the book.”
Chris Kerstiens

“The HIPAA course (CHP) was outstanding! The huge amount of information distributed throughout the course not only held my interest, but also left me with the desire to learn more about the HIPAA background.”
Ben Sabedic

“The HIPAA Academy™ has embarked on a mission to train those involved with healthcare data – on the details of HIPAA law. This is no small task, as it seems even after 7 years the creators of the law have yet to move a good portion of the law out of the realm of theoretical. The instructor is probably one of the most knowledgeable in the country and his love of the subject shows in his lectures.”
Jim Reynolds
Zebec Data Systems

“The material and instructor (JK) gave needed detailed information. This course was not just a simple overview.”
A student in the CHP course in Houston

“The class covered HIPAA regulations in a very thorough and well presented training course. I learned more then I could have expected about HIPAA implementation and legislation. The instructor was extremely well prepared and presented the material in a format anyone could follow. I recommend this class to anyone interested in HIPAA regulations or working within the healthcare industry.”
Chris Brown
Zebec Data Systems

“A very knowledgeable speaker who provided a clear overview of HIPAA and the impact on various groups.”
Deb Westvold
Iowa State Association of County Officials

“The course gave a good overview of the fundamentals of HIPAA Privacy, Security and the Transactions & Code Sets. The Instructor was knowledgeable and his ability to relate the concepts to real life experience was beneficial.”
Margie Polis
New Horizons of Syracuse

“Overall The HIPAA Academy™ provided clear concise presentations dispelling many of the common misconceptions of the reach of the HIPAA Legislation.”
Rick Van
Luvender The Training Camp

“Courseware contents were very good. The Instructor’s ability to relate to personal experience was extremely useful. Class discussions were excellent and role plays added value.”
Ken Jaffe
Computer Education Services

“HIPAA Academy™ is obviously knowledgeable in the HIPAA requirements. I will be looking into future training. Your instructor was very personable and kept your interest. HIPAA Academy™ is obviously a good resource for our questions.”
Terri Brown
Halvorson Trane Co.

“The class gave me a solid understanding of HIPAA Privacy and the Security requirements”
Linda Dyczkiewycz
ComDoc Inc.

“This course gave me an EXCELLENT theoretical and practical basis to assist the medical community implement HIPAA”
Roy Kotze
Instructional Design Associate

“The resources in the class really helped in the learning process. Instructor really gave the extra mile.”
Comment from an attendee

“Instructor was lively, personable. Course was very good, informative.”
Astread Ferm-Poole
Department of Social Services, State of Connecticut

“Outstanding course. Excellent overview. Course rating 10. Instructor rating 10.”
Mass Mutual Financial Group

“This session has more information than some of the websites I have visited. I learned how much of an impact this has on my business than previously thought. It gave me insight into other areas that I have to identify for compliance with HIPAA.”
Deanna Shokan
TechniMed Transcriptions

“I feel that the overall knowledge that the HIPAA Academy™ brings to a seminar such as this, is well worth any business owner or employers time.”
Gail Hilsabeck
Benefit Source

“Excellent presentation. It brought the heavy weight information down to the individual level of understanding.”
Jean Hodges
Newburry Management Co.

“I have a better understanding of what is required of my company to be compliant. The websites for information on a HIPAA will be very beneficial.”
Kim Heggen
Vital Support Systems

“A very knowledgeable speaker who provided a clear overview of HIPAA and the impact on various groups.”
Deb Westvold

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